6.1.a Value and volume of wood and wood products production, including primary and secondary processing


This indicator provides information on the value and volume of wood and wood products at various stages of processing. The value and volume of wood products reflects one aspect of the importance of forests and wood processing sector to the domestic economy.

Current state

New Zealand has readily available data on the production and trade of harvested wood and wood products. The annual values and volumes of wood and wood products vary with market conditions. National accounts provide information on the industries’ financial contributions to the country’s economy.

New Zealand can estimate the contribution from commercial forest industries in terms of value to the economy or to gross domestic product (GDP) through the “Forestry and logging” and “Wood and paper products” production groups in the New Zealand System of National Accounts. The units of value are New Zealand dollars for the relevant year, or (for a time series) constant 1995/96 prices. The value added through downstream processing is estimated and/or captured as the contribution to GDP of the production groups “Wood and wood products” and two-thirds of the value of the “Paper, printing and publishing” group.

Detailed data, both quarterly and annual, relating to production of major forestry products are available on the websites of the Ministry for Primary Industries or Statistics New Zealand.



Trend Status

Data Quality H

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