2.a Area and percent of forest land and net area of forest land available for wood production


This indicator measures the availability of forest land for wood production compared with the total forest area of a country. It provides information that will help assess the capacity of forests to produce wood to meet society’s needs.

Current state

Data on planted forest areas available for wood production are based on grower surveys and reported annually in the National Exotic Forest Description. This publication records net stocked forest area, including harvested areas awaiting restocking. All planted forests are considered to be available for wood production. Some additional areas have been planted primarily to protect highly erodible soils.


The total area of forest land and the area of forest land available for wood production have decreased slightly over the last decade. This is largely the result of planted forests being converted to more profitable agricultural land uses following harvest.

The area of planted forest peaked at 1.84 million hectares in 2006, and since then has declined by about 3 percent.

Areas and percentages of forest land available for wood production

New forest planting and deforestation

New Zealand land use

Trend Status

Data Quality H

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