7.5.a Partnerships to promote the sustainable management of forests


This indicator provides information on partnerships and their contribution to the sustainable management of forests. Partnerships may help create a shared purpose and are important tools in building capacity; leveraging financial, technical and human resources; strengthening political commitment; and in developing public support to advance the sustainable management of forests.

Current state


It is common for Crown Research Institutes and universities to work in partnerships with other institutes and/or universities to research forestry and forestry-related topics.

Other forestry research partnerships include:

  • the Radiata Pine Breeding Company – comprises 19 New Zealand and Australian forestry companies, consultants, seed and seedling suppliers, and focuses on tree improvement research
  • Solid Wood Innovation – a consortium of about 26 companies working on the increased and more efficient manufacturing of appearance-related wood products, energy efficiency and reduced water use in wood drying.

Forest Growers Levy Trust

The Forest Growers Levy Trust is an incorporated society with board members representing large-scale planted forest owners (members with at least 1000 hectares of forest) and small-scale plantation forest owners (members with less than 1000 hectares of forest).

The Trust is responsible for the administration of a planted forest growers levy that came into force in January 2014. The levy is imposed on logs harvested from planted forests in New Zealand, and forest owners are primarily responsible for the payment. The initial rate of the levy (for the year ending 31 December 2014) was set by the Trust at 27 cents per tonne of harvested wood. (See Indicator 6.2.b for further information and an explanation of how the levy is spent.)

National Exotic Forest Description

The National Exotic Forest Description (NEFD) provides publicly available area-age class data by species or species groups by local authority for New Zealand’s commercial planted forests.

The NEFD has been managed as a partnership between the New Zealand Forest Owners Association and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) for nearly 30 years through a steering committee with representation from the two partners. The forest owners provide the forest resource information, and MPI undertakes the data collection, collation and dissemination.

Ministry for Primary Industries

MPI’s mission is growing and protecting New Zealand. An important part of the approach to achieving this involves partnering with primary industries.

The Sector Partnerships and Programmes (SPP) Branch delivers MPI’s non-regulatory programmes and initiatives to promote sustainable economic growth, such as Primary Growth Partnerships, the Sustainable Farming Fund and the Māori Agribusiness programme. SPP has an important role in linking government with industry and provides an entry point for stakeholders seeking access to growth-related initiatives.

The two contestable research funding programmes, the Primary Growth Partnership and Sustainable Farming Fund, enable MPI to partner research initiatives of agencies and community groups through partial funding. These programmes have been discussed under Indicator 7.4.b.


Better Border Biosecurity (B3) is a multi-partner, co- operative science collaboration that researches ways to reduce the entry and establishment of new plant pests and diseases in New Zealand.

B3 is the science vehicle underpinning New Zealand’s current practice, and for anticipating and informing future challenges and opportunities, for plant-based border security. It provides science-based solutions for supporting and protecting the international competitiveness of the country’s export industries and protecting territorial ecosystems.

The B3 unincorporated joint venture integrates investment and expertise from five science agencies (Plant and Food Research, AgResearch, Scion, Landcare Research and the Bio-Protection Research Centre) and three end-user partners (MPI, DOC and the New Zealand Forest Owners Association).


For the commercial planted forest sector, partnerships focus on research. The Forest Growers Levy Trust is a new enterprise administering a planted forest growers’ levy for a variety of industry-good initiatives.

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