Legal, institutional and economic frameworks for sustainable forest management

Criterion Seven relates to the overall economic, legal, institutional, and policy environment of a country. This Criterion provides a context for the consideration of Criteria One to Six.

Legislation, institutional capacity and economic arrangements, with associated policy measures at both national and sub-national levels, create an enabling environment for the sustainable management of forests. Reporting against these indicators contributes to raising public and political awareness of issues affecting forests and builds support for their sustainable management.

Evaluating the frameworks for forest management

Indicators used to evaluate the frameworks for sustainable forest management include:

(i)   legal framework
(ii)  forestry taxation regime
(iii) property transfer systems
(iv) research and development provisions.

New Zealand has:

  • a well-established and robust legal framework
  • a stable taxation regime
  • a transparent property transfer system which protects owners’ rights
  • an active forest research and development sector.

Trend Status