1.2.b Number and status of native forest-associated species at risk, as determined by legislation or scientific assessment


This indicator provides information on the number and status of forest-associated species at risk or in serious decline. As a result, these species may require specific action or intervention to ensure their survival. The number of species at risk and their status is a measure of the health of forest ecosystems and their ability to support species diversity.

Current state

The New Zealand Threat Classification System uses a nationally agreed set of criteria to assess the risk of extinction of resident native taxa. Rankings are based on the estimated size of the national population and predicted population trends. The number of populations, the number of mature individuals in the largest population, and the area occupied by the taxon are also taken into account when assessing the threat status.


Since the last threat status assessment, 12 threatened taxa have improved in status as a result of successful species management, and 59 have worsened in status.

Trend Status

Data Quality M

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