About the New Zealand Planted Forests (NZPF) Portal

People increasingly ask whether New Zealand’s planted forests are sustainably managed. The concept of Sustainable Forest Management has been known in forestry since the 1700’s and has evolved today to encompass a triple (economic, environmental, and social) or quadruple (including cultural) bottom line approach. New Zealand uses the internationally developed Montréal Process framework of Criteria and Indicators (C&I) of Sustainable Forest Management (www.montrealprocess.org) to describe its forests. This framework is used as the foundation of this portal.

The aim of this portal is to bring together the often disparate sources of current and historical information that relates to New Zealand’s planted forests and their context within New Zealand’s total forested estate. A major goal is to provide the evidence base for people to better understand the forest sector’s performance and sustainability. It draws on a range of publicly available information sources. 

The portal is designed to present information directly in downloadable and useable form and to provide links to other relevant websites, sources of information and supporting technical literature such as fact sheets or scientific papers.

It is organised around key topics of interest, and also by Indicator under each Montreal Process Criterion. Current information draws heavily from New Zealand’s third five yearly Montréal Process report produced by the Ministry for Primary Industries (http://archive.mpi.govt.nz/forestry/forestry-in-nz/international-forestry/montreal-process) and also on the NZ Forest Owners Association annual Facts and Figures series. The portal will be annually reviewed and updated to keep material current.

This Portal has been developed by the New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited trading as Scion (“Scion”) for the New Zealand Forest Owners Association (“FOA”). The information and data provided in the Portal (the “Information”) have been provided in good faith and on the basis that every endeavour has been made to be accurate and not misleading and to exercise reasonable care, skill and judgment in providing such Information. Neither the FOA nor Scion make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the Information, the use to which the Information may be put or the results which may be obtained from using the Information. Neither FOA, Scion nor any of their employees, contractors, agents or other persons acting on their behalf or under their control accept any responsibility or liability in respect of any Information provided in this Portal.